Dress Code


Reason: To uphold a smart standard of dress, as befits the game of golf. Recognised golfing wear is required. If the style of shoes and clothing can be purchased in the Pro’s Shop, then they may be worn on the golf course. In addition, please be aware:

  • Trainers are not permitted.
  • We prefer golf shirts to be worn inside the waistband. T-Shirts or Football/Rugby Shirts, Denim Jeans and hooded tops are not permitted.
  • Shorts must be of smart, tailored appearance.
  • Mobile phones must be switched to silent at all times and used in emergency situations only.


Our rules for the clubhouse are not onerous and reflect that we are a welcoming facility. Please respect the following minimum standards:

  • No Hats
  • No Golf Shoes (of any description).
  • No soiled/wet golf clothing or workwear.
  • Please do not come in without footwear. Just socks, or in bare feet is not acceptable.