New Signage Project

Posted by Ryan Coles  |  Posted on 6th February 2012

The Club is looking to improve its appearance around the Clubhouse to create a positive first impression for members & visitors alike. Primarily, this involves the upgrading of our signage, both around the Clubhouse and on the Course.

Many Clubs, both nationally and in our local area have been successful in funding this through sponsorship agreements with members who wish to promote their own businesses.

We are keen to test the water and see if we have any business people who would wish to financially support this project in return for promotional space on the new signage itself.

Initially we'd like to fund the production and installation of one large new Starting Time Board/Course Conditions/Welcome sign to act as a central focal point. This would replace both the smaller one on the wall and the rather tired signs near the footbridges.

If any members or indeed local businesses are interested in this or perhaps knows someone who might be, please give me a call on 0117 9770660.

In the meantime, the attached gives some visual examples - no colour scheme has yet been discussed.



Annual Subscription Fees

Posted by Ryan Coles  |  Posted on 31st January 2012

The 2012/13 Subscription Rates are detailed below. Members are requested to pay particular attention to the accompanying notes, particularly the new rules regarding payment dates that were agreed at last year's Annual General Meeting.



Winter Shield Draw

Posted by Ryan Coles  |  Posted on 9th January 2012

The Winter Shield Qualifier took place yesterday in remarkably benign conditions. David & Steve Williams led the field with a net 58. 32 Pairs qualified with scores of 67 or better and the draw is shown below.

Deadline for the first round is Sunday 29th January.




Sunday Lunch - Special Offer

Posted by Ryan Coles  |  Posted on 5th January 2012

There will be a special price for Sunday Lunch on the following dates:

Sunday 22nd January

Sunday 26th February

1 course is £6.00 or 2 courses for £8.50.


Also, don't forget Mothering Sunday on Sunday 18th March - book early to secure your place.

3 Course Lunch with Coffee & Chocolates is £15.00 (£7.50 for children)

To book these or indeed any lunches, please speak to Ele at the bar or telephone 01179 776341.


Rules of Golf Changes

Posted by Ryan Coles  |  Posted on 3rd January 2012

New Rule books are available for all members and these can be collected from the Club. In the meantime, a summary of the main changes are detailed below.     

                                                  GOLF  RULES


               PRINCIPAL CHANGES   ------- EFFECTIVE FROM    1ST JANUARY 2012 

DEFINITION-------Addressing the Ball:

         This definition is amended so that a player has addressed the ball simply by grounding his club immediately in front of or behind the ball, regardless of whether or not he has taken his stance.


   2012 CHANGE---All references to stance have been removed.


RULE 12-1 ------     Searching for Ball :

(1)     Amended to allow a player to search for a ball anywhere on the course when it may  be covered in sand and clarified that there is no penalty if the ball is moved in these circumstances.

2012  CHANGE------Exempts player from penalty when accidentally moving ball during search in the “sandy” areas of the course –previously only bunkers  but now including “modern waste areas “  and sandy – based  links courses(links).etc


(2)     Amended to provide  a 1 stroke penalty for moving ball when searching for it in  a Hazard / Bunker when it is believed to be covered by loose impediments.

2012  CHANGE-----Previously there was no penalty for moving ball when searching in Hazard if ball was covered by loose impediments. This new change means the same rule applies anywhere on the course---- i.e.   A penalty for moving ball in Bunkers/ Hazards


 RULE 13-4-- ------Smoothing sand in Hazards:

       Amended  to permit smoothing of sand in a Bunker without penalty, “BEFORE” playing stroke , provided the smoothing is for the  “SOLE”  purpose of “CARING FOR THE COURSE”.**

** Examples would be (1) . Where a player retrieves a rake from another part of the bunker and smoothes those footprints--- prior  to making  his stroke   

                            And (2)   After searching for ball in bunker –smooths  the footprints he has created  whilst  searching.

     2012 CHANGE-----Previously a player was  not generally  allowed to smooth  the sand for any reason before playing his stroke and if  he did a penalty was incurred.

The new exemption from penalty is now allowed when the  “SOLE” purpose is for  “CARE OF THE COURSE” and the smoothing does  not improve his  lie , stance , swing  or line of play—and when the  smoothing is not excessive  which would constitute testing –which is not permitted.  

RECOMMENDATION-----Continue to smooth the sand “AFTER” you have extricated  ball from bunker--- not “BEFORE”--- or you  may be accused of a breach of the rules.

RULE 18-2                 Ball moved after address

         A new exemption is added that exonerates a player from penalty  , if  his ball moves after it has  been addressed , when it is “KNOWN” or “VIRTUALLY CERTAIN” that he did not cause it to  move – and it was moved by another agency- i.e  by wind. The ball will be played from its new position.

2012 CHANGE    Previously a player was penalized  1 stroke if his ball moved  after it was addressed  no matter the reason –even wind -- and the ball was replaced. This new ruling will  more commonly apply at professional levels ,-- where  the greens are cut much shorter  and are much speedier.---i.e. Augusta / St. Andrews and thus more susceptible to wind  .    At Amateur levels  slower greens predominate and  the movement of the ball  is more unlikely to be caused by the wind.

For those interested in viewing all the new rule changes please visit the following website:


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